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    A slightly belated Happy New Year & my faves of 2013

    So 2013, for me, was quite a year.  Halfway through the year, I decided to pick up blogging again.  For whatever reason, I need an outlet. I have come to realize that the size of the outlet doesn’t really matter so much. Stats meant something to me in the beginning, not as much now. (Don’t kid yourselves. If a blogger ever tells you their stats mean NOTHING to them, he or she is lying, albeit possibly to himself.) Looking back, I realize that my resumption of blogging coincided with some personal trials.   I find it ironic that I have found people who provide comfort, solace, friendship, and also challenge…

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    On today, of all days…War Eagle!

    Today is the Iron Bowl.  I don’t have to repeat all the things that have been said about why this game isn’t just another Iron Bowl, it’s THE Iron Bowl, BCS, etc., etc. You already know. So there’s this… That’s about all I can think about today. See you in Twitterland!  (For some previous football posts, click here.) War Eagle! 

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    Move over Monday, the weekend’s still with me

    So it’s Monday. And, of course, no one likes a Monday. So I’m just gonna cruise on back through the weekend, because it provided a couple of such memorable moments, they’re still hanging on and making me smile, even well into a very busy Monday. It’s beginning to look a lot like… First of all, hubs had to work a little late Friday night, and BB went to spend the night with his grandmother. (He is a mama’s boy, but having been sick and home from school much of the week, just might have had just a little too much motherly TLC. Or hovering, whatever. To-may-to, to-mah-to.) This meant that…

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    Finally feeling Fall {Simple on Sunday}

    Today, we returned home from Oxford after a great visit with family and friends, and some of the best football I’ve ever watched. (Looks like Bo Wallace’s arm is doing better, my son says. See “When it’s ok to pray about football” in case you missed it.) The Double Decker bus: this kid (the one with his mouth wide open) hollered down to every single LSU fan the bus passed and shouted, “Corndog!” I caught him mid-shout.  I love having a buddy to shop the Oxford Square with me.  It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday, perfect for a drive. And we got home with some daylight left and enough time to…