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It’s Valentine’s Day, get out your…dictionary?

I am such a nerd. As if I needed more confirmation of this, I had reason to look up the word “euphemism” this week, and turned to Merriam Webster online. Just under the word, it said “Euphemism is currently in the top 1% of lookups and is the 202nd most popular word on See a list of the most popular words?”

Um, yes.

This took me to the most fabulous list of words, including things like “esoteric”, “duplicity”, “didactic”, “comradery”, and “plebian.”

However, I notice that the most looked-up work this week and today is “love.”


Really? People actually turn to the dictionary on or around Valentine’s Day to figure out what “love” means? I can only guess that it’s because:

A.) You are confused about what love means, which probably means your love life is having some ups and downs at the moment. We’ve all been there. It sucks.

But you aren’t going to find the answer in the dictionary.

In Shakespeare, maybe. Or a therapist’s office. Or phone a friend. Anything but a DICTIONARY.


B.) You are trying to draft a homemade Valentine instead of buying one at the store. 

I’m going to give you some props for this…but I’m deducting style points.


Literature is full of interesting things to say about love. (Again, Shakespeare’s not a bad place to start.)

Valentine’s Day makes folks angry, sappy, anxious, confused, all kinds of things.

To all of you looking up “love” in the dictionary today, put down the dictionary and pick up the chocolate. Or at least turn the page and learn about a word you actually have a shot at understanding.

Like “ubiquitous.”

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