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A slightly belated Happy New Year & my faves of 2013

So 2013, for me, was quite a year. 

Halfway through the year, I decided to pick up blogging again. 

For whatever reason, I need an outlet. I have come to realize that the size of the outlet doesn’t really matter so much. Stats meant something to me in the beginning, not as much now. (Don’t kid yourselves. If a blogger ever tells you their stats mean NOTHING to them, he or she is lying, albeit possibly to himself.) Looking back, I realize that my resumption of blogging coincided with some personal trials.  

I find it ironic that I have found people who provide comfort, solace, friendship, and also challenge me intellectually and spiritually in the blogosphere, although I have not written in detail about the emotional upheaval that led me back. It will come in time, when I’m ready. 

Enough with the heavy stuff, though. It seems everyone out there in Internet Land did an end-of-the-year round up of some sort, and I figured, what the heck, I’ll join in. After all, the Internet is nothing if not a bandwagon, at times anyway. The only problem is, the last week got incredibly hectic. (I had actual plans on New Year’s Eve this year, y’all, and it involved an actual cocktail dress. Oh and my role, along with about 40 other great women, was that of hostess for a fantastic charity event.) So please excuse me for being late to this party. 

I’ll go ahead and get my most popular post of 2013 out of the way: 

The popularity of this post is in no small way attributable to the fact that it was retweeted by Bo Wallace himself, who figures prominently in this post. 

Thank you, Bo. And by the way, BB is still praying for you (not JUST your arm) and your teammates and coaches. There are some real know-it-all armchair quarterbacks (and receivers and linemen and tackles) out there, but y’all will get nothing but love from the Rogers house. Period. 

Also, if I had to pick a favorite post of mine from 2013, it would probably be this one:

Re-reading this,  it occurs to me that the kids’ rooms are reaching that out of control stage again. Sigh. Genetics are a funny thing. 

The winners of the Internet, according to me:

Now, for what I really want to share with you, my favorite posts from other folks. Yes, I am a relatively small-time blogger, so I realize that what I think probably carries little weight with very many folks, but just in case you’re interested to know what I found interesting/funny/challenging/meaningful in 2013, here it is:

Best wake up call: Better When by Jamie Wright

Makes me laugh harder than the autocorrect failsTerrible real estate agent photographs by Bad Realty Photos

Makes me laugh so hard that I’m crying while simultaneously grossed out: Having a Bad Parenting Day? Well, it Could Always be Worse  by Robin O’Bryant

I don’t homeschool, but if I did, I would totally it do it this way: If The Friends Were Homeschooled… by Lora Lynn Fanning at Vitafamiliae

Best said what I wanted to say but did a much better job: Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony  by Rachel Held Evans

Best “I’m probably not supposed to feel this way but I do” post: November Nerves by Meg at Meg the Mama

Best sports video team: Ole Miss Rebels
(Just go to Vimeo and watch them all, especially “The Season“)

Moments Like This from Ole Miss Rebels on Vimeo.

– Speaking of football, best sports announcing: Rod Bramblett, Voice of the AU Tigers. Here’s his best work:

Miracles 1 & 2 for your listening pleasure (AUDIO)>> #AUVoice @FootballAU @CoachGusMalzahn @AuburnU @JasonDufner
— Rod Bramblett (@VoiceofAUTigers) December 1, 2013

What I will be watching in 2014Coming to Your TV Set: The Hatmakers by Jen Hatmaker

Most makes me want to stand up and cheer: In which Jezebel gives way to Deborah by Sarah Bessey

Coolest new children’s book: I Live in Laurel by Karen C. Rasberry and Cyndi Trest (illustrated by Adam Trest)

Best series: Thank You Hormones by The Tired Girl

Project I was so incredibly grateful to be a part of: Voices in the Desert hosted by Kirsten Oliphant

Stay tuned to learn about my plans for 2014! 

Happy New Year, y’all! 


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