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Five for Friday

1. I got a couple of days off this week. Which I promptly filled with a gazillion things. That I would have had to get done anyway. But I still didn’t go to bed until midnight. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? (Other than the sentence fragments.) 
2. Sometimes things just come together. And sometimes, despite our best efforts, they just don’t. Gonna call that providence and go on. 
3. The fair. 

4. The fair. 

5. The food. At the fair.  Most of which I can’t eat, of course, what with all the gluten. (If someone can come up with a gluten-free funnel cake, I will forever be in your debt. Seriously.) However, there was a booth this year serving up something called ribbon fries, and they were oh so good. Thin, spiral cut, and of course, fried up crispy. Yum. Grease intake for the week – check.

Happy Friday!

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