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Five for Friday

1. I got quite a shock today about 1:30. My next door neighbor sent me a text to tell me that an elderly neighbor died today. We were not aware he was sick, having seen him outside his house on Saturday and at church on Sunday. Turns out, he had actually only been having problems for a few days. I was also shocked to learn that he was 92. He didn’t look near that old. I would have guessed at least ten years less. He lost his wife last year.

A loss is always sad, but he was a good man, and his was a life well-lived, and he is resting in peace.

I can only hope to be so fortunate.

2. I have too much on my plate. But I like it that way.

3. The pro bono clinic (see previous posts) has a name: Mission360. More info to come next week!

4. We are headed to Oxford for the Ole Miss/LSU game. Our good friends who are LSU fans are joining us tomorrow and we will all be Groving together. So I guess that will make us a tent divided.

 (If you don’t know what “Groving” is, google “the Grove” at Ole Miss.)

5. Number 4 means that hubs and I will spend the next four hours in my compact car with two children and a dog. I was trying to hold off for a while before I pulled out the iPad and turned on a movie.

I lasted ten minutes.

Rudy the Pekingese: “Please help.” 

Have a good weekend!

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