About Me


The kids are alright. The dog too. The plants, not so much.


No green thumb here. I do like to take pictures of pretty things, but it’s in everyone’s best interest for me to leave the care and keeping of green things to the hubs. I do manage to keep the humans and animals that live under my roof (and any that come to stay for any period of time) alive.

I’m Jenny Mac. I’m a lawyer, a mom, a wife, and human companion to @EddietheSouthernDoodle.

I’m here because, even though I’m an introvert, I thrive on interacting with others who have the same questions about life that I do, even if we ultimately come up with different answers.

But enough about me. I’m also here for you. I have a penchant for researching until I’m satisfied that I’ve found the best of the absolute best of whatever I’m hunting for, be it vacation spots or pickle forks, so I’ll bring you the fruits of those labors, and save you lots of time (and hopefully some money).

The family lawyer in me will occasionally want to explore some topics related to both families and law, which I hope you’ll find relevant and useful (but no legal advice will be given on this site, nor will any posts include any discussion of my work life for confidentiality purposes). And, as a sometimes confounded Christian, we can wonder together about all sorts of things in that realm.

I’m happy that you’re here. Come on in and stay awhile.

Jenny Mac