Five for Friday

Five for Friday
1. I typically write (and post) late at night, because, well, that’s pretty much the only time I have available short of 2:30 to 4:30 a.m. on Tuesdays. So I inevitably mess something up from time to time, which I usually think of while I’m in the shower the next morning, and fix before too many people have seen the mistake. When this happens, y’all just forgive me. 
2. I’m hoping for some good football this weekend. Last Saturday, despite the fact that my Ole Miss Rebels and my Auburn Tigers were playing each other in my old hometown, I found myself at a Southern Miss game in the afternoon. They played FIU, or Florida International.Both teams were 0-4 on this season. I really thought maybe USM would have a shot. I even took a few pictures in case it was the first win since….well, whenever that was. But it was not to be. The Golden Panthers vs. the Golden Eagles. It was anything but Golden. FIU 24, USM 23. 
Here’s some pics anyway…

3. I had a throwing away party. Actually a throwing away/Salvation Army party. All moms know what that is.

4. We have been passing a mild stomach bug around our house this week. So. Over. It. House has been disinfected from stem to stern.

5. It’s actually really starting to feel like fall. Don’t blink, Mississippians, or you’ll miss it.

Happy Friday!

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