Here comes fall…

Well, here we are, starting another school year. It gets real this year, folks…our younger child is starting first grade. Meaning real homework. I also have an upcoming fourth grader, which makes me feel old. (Yeah, I know, that’s only going to get worse year after year.) 

Obligatory first day of school picture.  Smiling or gritting teeth? 

The start of school also brings with it the resumption of all things extracurricular: violin, sports, ballet, church programs, etc. Our life gets a little nuts about this time every year. Fortunately, this year, I managed to pull off some back to school preparations ahead of time. The school supplies were purchased weeks ago. That has NEVER happened before, so I’m pretty proud of myself. This year, instead of starting the school year missing half of the supply list because I waited until the last minute to go shopping for school supplies, we are only missing one thing: a package of cap erasers. Having now looked everywhere for them, I’m convinced they don’t actually exist anymore, at least not here, and were put on the list as a joke. (“Let’s put this on the school supply list and watch all the parents go slowly insane trying to find them after the four packs Wal-Mart has are gone.”) Well played, school supply list makers. 

I also ordered the kids’ school uniforms (ours have to be purchased from a certain company) just in time, and the UPS man delivered them exactly one day before school started. (Hey, for me, that’s a victory.) 

Honestly, although I was in one way prepared for the start of the school year, I really thought this week would be stressful, just because of all the time commitments, and the lunches and the getting up and getting everyone PROPERLY dressed, but it isn’t turning out that way, fortunately. 

On this first day of school morning, I am feeling very blessed and thankful, for so many reasons, some big, some little. (I think sometimes we feel silly about being thankful for things that we see as trivial, but every gift, tiny or immense, is a good and perfect gift from above, and thus bears mentioning.) 

– Healthy, boisterous kids. (Although the “boisterous” part is a double-edged sword at times. All you moms know what I mean, admit it.)
– That my children are free to concentrate on all the things kids should (their schoolwork, their friends, their activities, all the things that make up their little worlds at this point in their lives) because we, as a family, are fortunate enough not to wonder where our next meal is will come from. (Ok, it may not be planned yet, but that’s not the point.) I think sometimes we don’t realize what a leg up that is in a world where many children don’t have that peace of mind. 
– A husband who is one of the only men his age that I know that will stand up to vacate his seat in a full auditorium because there are women who are standing. 
– Good coffee at my office. And nice folks to drink it with. 
– Good friends.
– Good books. 
– Good parents (both mine and my husband’s). 
– Always having a camera with me (via my phone) to snap pictures of the kids, the dog, and whatever else strikes my fancy. (I take a lot of pictures, y’all.) 
– That it’s really cheap to get pictures printed at Walgreens. 
– That things seem to fall into place when I let them. 
– A lot of other things, too. 

What are some little things or big things that are blessings in your life? 

I bet we have some in common. 🙂

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