Hit me with your fresh start

Today is the first day of fall! Despite that, where I live, Mother Nature seems to pay little attention to the labels we put on seasons on the calendar, I still always look forward to autumn. Autumn brings fall flavors, deep colors, and (somewhat) cooler temperatures.

I have a personal motto, and that is, “The kids are alright. The dog, too. The plants, not so much.”

My grandmothers would both be appalled at my lack of a green thumb, but I have neither the time nor the desire to be the keeper of the plants. I love to look at pretty flowers. However, I dislike being outside in the heat unless I am next to a large body of water. (I know, I live in south Mississippi, so that’s an interesting conundrum for a good bit of the year. That’s a whole other post.) It just ain’t my thing. It’s ok, I can do (and do) other things. Lots.

Thankfully, hubs picks up the slack on this one. Which is why people have been coming up to ME at church and at the grocery store this week to tell me how lovely all the mums look on the porch and in front of the house.

That’s so gracious, considering I had nothing to do with them. (I did arrange all the pillows in the rocking chairs.)

I was also tickled to realize it was time for this pillow to come back out.

Pillows. I can do pillows.

Football and Mojo

Autumn also brings football. We’re big football fans around our house.

Even the dog.

Hubs and I are both Ole Miss alums, so this past week’s late night loss to Cal was a bummer, but it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. I have apologized to every fellow Ole Miss fan I encountered this week. See, in case you didn’t know it, mojo is a thing, when it comes to football. Ole Miss was doing alright the first half, but (against my better judgment) my 10 year old son went to bed at halftime. (It was nearly midnight and we would all need to be up early for church.) We all know how the second half of the game went.

So, I’m very sorry. I messed up the mojo. It happens.

A Fresh Start

Fall is also a great time to press the reset button on breaking bad habits and forming new ones. After all, with the holidays looming ahead, what better time to do what you need to do to look and feel your best?

I will be turning 40 in December. When that realization really set in a couple of months ago, I really got motivated. Something clicked. So, I changed my diet and I started getting some exercise. It paid off. Two months later, I’m down 20 pounds and feeling great. I’m so glad I started when I did.

You might as well start now. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. The time will pass anyway. Put it to good use.

The same is true of skin care. Relationships. Work product. Housekeeping.

(Ok, maybe we didn’t have to go there. )

The point is…we are the product of the things we do everyday, not the things we do once in a while.

What if you just chose one thing to start doing every day? What could that look like in a month? Two months? A year?

Y’all know I’m all about conversation on this blog. Comment below. Tell me…what’s your one thing? Where do you need to take better care of yourself?

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Jenny Mac

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    1. Confession: I fell off the exercise wagon over the last week, too. I figure if I put it here publicly, then I’ll have to do it, so I will go walking tonight. 🙂

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