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Over the weekend, I posted a question on Facebook. I asked if anyone could guess the meaning(s) behind the name “Crown+Owl”, and as bonuses, if anyone remembered what my blog was first called (years ago, when I first cranked it up) and finally, what the heck the chairs in Crown+Owl’s profile pic are all about.

There were some good guesses, and Melissa Pittman correctly remembered that the blog was first called “Crumbs Under the Table.” (When the kids were little, that was literally my life. Thank heavens for the dog.)

Lauren Massey was spot on, however. She guessed that the Crown and the Owl stood for me and my daughter.

Years ago, I assigned a symbol to everyone in my household. Something simple but meaningful that could represent each individual (but would also work well on a monogram or even as a Christmas tree ornament – ha). My husband’s – a bee. He’s focused and driven. (On occasion, he hovers and I end up swatting. Just kidding.) My son’s – a key. He’s an open book himself and as outgoing as he is, he usually gets people (of all ages) to open up to him. About all kinds of things.

That leaves me and Sissy. She is the owl (calm, focused, a bit cunning) and I am the crown (because duh, I’m the queen around here). She has always been into the blog and now she’s really into my side business, so it seemed appropriate that it be about her and me. It’s also a constant reminder that she is watching me and to never stop stretching outside of my comfort zone to achieve things, so that she will know she’s capable of the same, and frankly so much more.

On a more abstract level, Crown+Owl also stands for leadership and wisdom, two principles that I think are most appropriate to guide any endeavor.

Oh, the chairs.

Something I haven’t always done a good job of, that I’m consciously trying to improve on these days, is communication with people, both in my personal life and in my business. Not the superficial kind that doesn’t take much effort or mental investment, but the kind where you actually focus on the person and what’s going on with them. So, realizing that it’s entirely possible to have good communication via all different kinds of channels (phone, text, email, etc.), the chairs represent real conversation, whatever the format.

So there you have it.


Jenny Mac

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